All you need to know about saffron oil

Saffron oil is obtained in process of cold pressing from safflower seeds; it is a Middle East cousin of sunflower. For ages, it has been used for cooking, medical and cosmetic purposes. What should you know about this oil? Let us introduce to you few interesting things about safflower.

In Ancient Egypt only Pharaoh had monopoly on cultivation of safflower.

Back in Ancient Egypt, safflower oil was known for its nourishing, moisturising and rejuvenating properties. For this reason, the right for cultivation of this plant and extraction of saffron oil had only Pharaoh. Already then, this product was very luxurious and not everyone could try its valuable properties.

In traditional Chinese medicine saffron oil is used as an anodyne.

For ages saffron oil was used in Ayurveda, i.e. ancient Indian medicine. It was appreciated for its medical and conditioning properties. In traditional Chinese medicine, saffron oil is used to ease the pain and to boost blood circulation.

In its nourishing ingredients, saffron oil resembles olive oil.

It is said that safflower oil is great equivalent for olive oil, which properties we all should be familiar with by now. It has light consistency, great absorption and rich composition. Characteristic quality of safflower oil is its much better moisturising properties, because it consists of much more unsaturated fatty acids.

Safflower oil is being obtained in strictly determined conditions.

Saffron oil is extracted in process of cold pressing. To do that are used special expellers and the temperature during pressing can’t be higher than 40°C. It makes saffron oil an extra vergin oil – after pressing has the same biochemical composition as fresh seeds.

Everyday use of saffron oil soothes symptoms of cardiovascular disease.

High-value product, which was unrefined will have great medical properties. Modern studies proved that regular ingestion of saffron oil soothes inflammations, lowers cholesterol level, and even eliminates risk of coronary disease, diabetes, hypertensive or sclerosis.

Saffron oil can be easily used as a massage oil.

Because of its light consistency and great rejuvenating properties, safflower oil can be an alternative for standard massage oils. It makes skin elastic and smoother, wrinkles are flatter and scars, redness and skin changes are less visible.