Saffron oil in hair care. How should you use it?

One of less known and quite exotic (as for European market) vegetable oils is oil extracted from safflower. We are talking about saffron oil, which is oil with exceptionally complex composition, great conditioning properties and rich history. Why should you try safflower oil in everyday hair care? To this and many more questions, you will find answer below.

Saffron oil is vegetable oil, which is being obtained by pressing in cold temperatures and was known for thousands of years. Its valuable properties were appreciated way back in the ancient Egypt, where pharaoh had monopoly on cultivation of safflower. Records about this marvellous plant can be found also in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, where it is used as a anodyne. Safflower oil is used in kitchen, medicine, industry and cosmetology – today we will focus on the last of those branches.

These days, manufacturers focus more on use of natural oils in their products. Diversity of ingredients in safflower oil is highly appreciated, and we will find there source of EFA (particularly high concentration of linoleic acid), concentrated vitamin E and phytosterols. Saffron oil is often used in hair and face masks, creams, conditioners and hair oils, but also in protective products dedicated for oily and problematic skin, for heavily weighted down and oily hair or those which need hydration, nourishment and complex regeneration.

Safflower oil is great in soothing inflammations and has rejuvenating properties. If it is used regularly for hair care, it can make them stronger and gain silky gloss. You can try safflower oil if your hair need protection against hair loss and harmful factors, like UV radiation. You just have to rub in few drops of oil into skin and hair or add it to conditioning product.