Is hair removal with safflower oil effective?

The greatest issue of many women is hair removal. It is a dreadful procedure we have to undergo quite often if we want to have smooth skin. Once in a while, appear some new information about miraculous novelty in the hair removal department. So we have mechanical and chemical hair removal, with use of hair remover, cream, wax, sugar paste, laser and even… vegetable oil. For some time now, hair removal with saffron oil is a big trend in skin care. Can saffron oil truly help with getting rid of unwanted hair?

We should start with few words on this revolutionary product. Safflower is a plant, which originates from regions of Mediterranean Sea and from its seeds is extracted safflower oil, also called saffron oil. This oil is rich in vitamins and necessary fatty acids, so it has great moisturising and nourishing properties. It can be used both in kitchen and in cosmetology, where is recommended mostly for combination or acne skin. Why is it recommended for hair removal?

Safflower oil has started to be used for hair removal in Asia, and then this trend went viral. Hair removal with saffron oil is based on intense rubbing in of oil into skin after the procedure of hair removal (after you pull out hair with, e.g. hair remover, sugar paste or wax). Regular use of oil on chosen parts of skin are expected to limit hair growth, suppress their growth and weaken them. It has to be said that hair removal with safflower oil is a method for patient people, because first results appear after quite a bit of time.

Women who tested this method say that safflower oil perfectly moisturises and nourishes skin, which in few weeks of use becomes more delicate and softer. Oil formula can make application a bit difficult, because, though it has liquid consistency, it doesn’t absorb that well, so you need to wait a longer while for saffron oil to absorb; rest you can wipe with a tissue. Smoother skin has no more problems like ingrown hair and irritations, and hair become finer. Effect of hair removal with saffron oil is sadly confirmed only by some women who tried this method.