Safflower Oil vs. Olive Oil

Olive oil is well known and very popular vegetable oil. It not only tastes great, but also nourishes – both on the inside and on the outside. This oil isn’t expensive or difficult to obtain, but we still look for more luxurious, cosmetic equivalents with similar properties. One of those oils is cold pressed safflower oil. How do both oils will present in comparison?


Both oils are obtained in process of cold pressing – olive oil is extracted from pulp of olive, while saffron oil is extracted from seeds of safflower. The difference between two oils is noticeable in colour – natural oilve oil has green colour, though it maybe golden, but safflower oil is a liquid with yellow colour.


Both oils consist of many vitamins and minerals. Olive oil has about 85% unsaturated fatty acids (oleic, linoleic, palmitic and stearic), but in safflower oil is 75% of mono unsaturated fatty acids. Saffron oil has larger amount of oleic acid from group of omega-9 acids.


If we focus only on conditioning properties of both oils then one may said that safflower oil is a vegetable oil with better properties. Why? It is mostly related to larger amount of oleic and linoleic fatty acids in saffron oil. It makes saffron oil have much more intensive moisturising influence on skin and deeply hydrates it, so it would become smoother, softer and fresh. Safflower has also rejuvenating properties, which in olive oil isn’t as high on the list of properties. Both oils have similar nourishing, protective and soothing properties.