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Saffron is a plant highly valued in cosmetology. Extract from flowers of this plant is added to anti-wrinkle creams. On the other hand, saffron oil is also obtained from the same plant, and it is used in hair and skin care. See for yourself, what is so amazing in this cosmetic.

Natural and 100% ecological saffron oil contains a lot of valuable ingredients for human. The most important is vitamin E, which prevents premature ageing, greying and hair loss, strengthens roots and follicles and preserves natural hair colour. Saffron oil contains fatty acids (linoleic, oleic, arachidic and palmitic), which take care of nice appearance of hair and condition of scalp. If you have saffron oil in a pantry or cosmetic bag, then after a while you should notice that product seems to cloud up. It is normal process which means that during production no artificial substances has been used.

If you don't know where to buy saffron oil then you should visit all herbalist's shops in your neighbourhood, check online auctions or go to pharmacy. Remember only, that product should fulfil few conditions. It has to be cold pressed and unrefined. If you want it to preserve its properties for a longer period of time then you should store it in a proper conditions, i.e. in a dark and dry place and in an airtight bottle. You may also know opinions of other people who used saffron oil. To do that, search through the Internet forums, it will help you made up your mind. Remember also that saffron oil is not a cheap cosmetic. Its price can be quite high, because of its exceptional ingredients and properties.

In hair and scalp care important is what properties does the cosmetic have and will it fulfil our expectations. Some think that saffron oil stimulates hair growth and strengthens follicles. It additionally prevents premature ageing and hair loss, regenerates skin cells and improves follicles. It limits sebum secretion, regulates sebaceous glands and eliminates dandruff. Saffron oil provides smoother, moisture and gloss. It makes combing and stylisation easier, protects hair against high temperatures, UVA and UVB radiation and causing dryness substances present in washing products.

Saffron oil can be used in oil treatment as well. Application of product directly on scalp and ends can bring equally good results. You can add this oil to your favourite hair mask or conditioner to enrich its properties. Saffron oil can be used both on dry and wet hair.

Publications on saffron oil:

Saffron oil is obtained in the cold pressing process out of saffron seeds. It consists of high concentration of vitamin E and saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. Because of its properties is used both in medicine and cosmetology. It is not resistant to high temperatures, that is why it shouldn't be heated above 65°C.

Saffron is used as a medical preparation and in a folk medicine is believed to stimulate hair growth and increase amount of follicles. It is also used as a preparation strengthening roots and against hair loss. Saffron oil consists of many antioxidant substances, which slower ageing processes of the scalp and hair and neutralise free radicals. They additionally protect hair against sun radiation, pollutions from external world and causing dryness colouring products. They accelerate skin cell renewal and improve regeneration processes of follicles. Saffron oil regulates sebaceous glands, eliminates dandruff and limits sebum secretion. It provides scalp with natural pH and improves hair condition. It provides natural gloss, smoother and softness, and at the same time helps with combing and stylisation.

How should you apply saffron oil? Product can be applied both on wet and dry hair. Administer small amount of saffron oil on an entire streaks, ends and directly on scalp. Cosmetic will work equally great as an addition to hair masks and conditioners. Very interesting idea is to make yourself a home made skin product with saffron oil as a base. You just have to add few drops of oil to cosmetics for face and body.

Saffron oil has to be stored in a proper conditions.. It shouldn't be exposed to sun light, air or humidity. It is best to keep it in an original and airtight packaging - bottle made of dark glass. Before application remember to wash your hands, and after application remember to thorough close packaging, so that bacteria and micro-organisms couldn't get to the product. Natural saffron oil is suitable for use for three months since the date of its pressing. After about two weeks since that date, you can observe sediment at the bottom of the bottle, which is natural process - it means that product was unrefined and consists only natural ingredients.